Thea is Kevin's girlfriend and a Ravens alumna. They had to keep their relationship a secret - first, because the Ravens don't allow deep personal relationships, then to protect themselves from Riko's influence.

Thea is the only player who turned down her initial invitation from the US Court during her fifth year, arguing that she didn't want the Court schedule to interfere with her last year at University.

She is 5 years older than Kevin.

Appearance Edit

Thea has thick black hair and dark skin. She has "long, thick legs" and "chiseled arms".

During her appearance in The King's Men, her hair was pulled back in intricate braids and she wore pastel make-up.

Thea wears a pendant of her Raven jersey number around her throat. It is stated in the extra content that her number was 14.

She has a "stony expression" in front of cameras.