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Most of the wiki pages are sorely lacking in pictures of the characters. I want to change that, but for this I need your help:

If you are a fanartist who wants their fanart displayed on the wiki, or if you have a favourite fanart you'd like to see here, send a link to the image to me! Polls will determine which pictures appear on the wiki pages (as soon as there is a decent collection). For more information, see this blog post.

Cheers and thanks for you participation! Cecilyacat

Welcome to the The Foxhole Court WikiEdit

This is a wiki about Nora Sakavic's book series All for the Game, consisting of "The Foxhole Court", "The Raven King" and "The King's Men". You can buy it on Amazon or Smashwords - the first book is even free. If you have read the series, you might want to check out the author's extra content on her Tumblr.

The Foxhole CourtEdit

The series is centred around the main character Neil Josten and a fictional sport called Exy, which is "a bastard sport, an evolved sort of lacrosse on a soccer-sized court with the violence of ice hockey". He gets signed on by Palmetto State University to play Exy, where he meets someone from his old life. And as it turns out, Neil isn't the only one with a bit of damage.

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