Appearance Edit

Her hair is chin length and the last 2 inches are coloured in alternating pastel colours. She uses scant make-up and dresses conservatively. She wears a silver cross necklace.

Life Edit

Renee joined a gang at the age of 10 and slowly worked her way up the ranks. After being caught for drug use by the police she played Exy as an outlet. Although she was an orphan, she was eventually adopted, and turned to Christianity to save herself.

Character Edit

Renee has a calm disposition, and is the only one of the Foxes who can't be angered by Kevin's blunt criticism.

Renee doesn't get involved in other people's fights in any way but occasionally mediates between her teammates. Otherwise, she gives friendly advice and is seen as a stabilizing factor for Andrew, along with the rest of the team.

She is Christian.

Perception Edit

Most of the team sees her as a sweetheart. She is generally respected and no one argues with what she says. Neil is cautious around her because he can't judge her character and avoids her whenever possible.

Relationship with Andrew Edit

She and Andrew are friends, mostly to the bafflement and disapproval of the team. The upperclassmen think that Andrew is a bad influence on someone as "sweet-tempered" as Renee. Renee states that her faith keeps her from always seeing eye-to-eye with Andrew, but they understand each other nevertheless.

It is rumoured that she will ask Andrew to the Exy kickoff banquet, but she promised Allison that she would never start a relationship with him.

Renee and Andrew are sparring partners, and they often spar when he is upset.

General Edit

She bet against Andrew that Neil would like Betsy. She lost.

She had a lasting rivalry with Dan while they are both in high school, before being recruited for the Foxes by Coach Wymack. Dan was recruited with her.

She is in her 3rd year when Andrew arrives, and her 4th when Neil arrives.

Renee doesn't drink.

After Seth's death, she is the oldest member of the team.