Matt is the Foxes' starting backliner. He is a junior. He mostly hangs out with Renee and his girlfriend Dan.

Appearance Edit

Matt gels his hair into short spikes. He has faded track marks on his arms.

Family Edit

Matt's mother is a professional boxer. His father is a doctor. He encouraged Matt to take drugs, which led to him becoming an addict. Matt's mother encouraged Andrew to "cure" him of his addiction - it worked.

Matt's parents are divorced. Because his mother spends a lot of time on the road, due to her job, Matt lived with his father.

His mother taught him how to box.

General Edit

Matt used to take drugs.

He owns a big blue truck with a bed and an extended cab with extra seats.

Matt offers to intervene if Neil needed someone to kick Kevin's ass for him.

He brings a lot of furniture and other stuff to Fox Tower and is sad because not everything he wanted to bring actually fit in his truck.

The Foxes Edit

When the cousins joined the Foxes, Andrew took Matt and Dan with him to Columbia to test him. The incident made Matt so unstable that he had to be patched up by Betsy afterwards.

During summer training, Allison, Seth, Renee and Neil ride to training in the bed of his trunk, although Neil runs back alone.

Perception Edit

Nicky thinks Matt is "fine".