Jeremy Knox is the captain of the USC Trojans.

He got the position in his junior year and keeps it into his senior year

Appearance Edit

Jeremy has a 'toothy grin'.

Personality Edit

Jeremy is enthusiastic and friendly. He laughs easily but takes his role as captain and matches seriously. He is a very good sportsman far more interested in trying his hardest, fighting a fair fight and improving himself/his team than just keeping their rank or winning at any cost.

Jeremy and Jean Edit

Jeremy takes his role in helping rehabilitate Jean very seriously. He doesn’t want to encourage Jean to hang onto Raven ideologies, but he doesn’t want to make the transition any harder than it has to be. This is why he occasionally appeals to Kevin for insight on how the Ravens’ nest worked so he can adjust his approach to Jean as necessary.

Jeremy and Kevin Edit

Kevin is a fan of Jeremy's. Near the end of The Kings Men we see that Kevin trusts and respects Jeremy enough to ask him to take Jean onto the USC line up for the following year.