The Exy team of Edgar Allan University, the nation's best team.

Their stadium is Castle Evermore.

They are located in West Virginia.

Transfer Edit

The Ravens transferred to the southeastern district so they could compete with the Foxes. This transfer was kept quiet until June since the ERC recognised that Kevin's transfer to the Foxes had already caused a backlash and they wanted to give Coach Wymack a chance to protect his players. The transfer was approved because the Ravens are the only Class I Exy team in West Viginia and the ERC anticipated lots of publicity for having Kevin and Riko compete against each other.

Training Edit

The Ravens have a series of eight drills every player must practice. Once a drill is completed, the player moves on to the next one.

  1. The first drill consists of toppling over cones on a rebound in whichever order is announced. Only if a player has mastered this drill are they allowed to play in a Raven game. New players spend weeks to months on perfecting this drill.

Team members Edit

Known team members by the end of the series:

  • Riko Moriyama, striker, captain, #1
  • Engle, striker
  • Jenkins, striker
  • Williams, striker
  • Reacher, backliner
  • Johnson, backliner

Former members by the end of the series:

During the books' timeline, the Ravens were composed of 22 team members (including Jean).

Jenkins is one of the two women on the team.