Drake Spear is the son of Richard and Cass Spear. He was Andrew Minyard's foster brother at his last foster home before juvie. Drake was a marine, but he would come home to his parent’s house in between deployments. Andrew was raped by Drake on more than one occasion and didn't want any other children to go through similar incidents. He made Luther promise to stop Cass Spear from fostering any more kids. However, Luther didn't keep his promise and after Andrew left for juvie Cass fostered six more kids some of which undoubtedly suffered because of Drake. 

Appearance Edit

Drake is described as being tattooed and muscular. 


Attack on Andrew Edit

"One of Andrew's former foster brothers came to us for help. They parted on unfriendly terms years ago, and it's been so long since they last spoke he's afraid their relationship is irreparably damaged." 

This is a quote from Luther Hemmick saying Drake supposedly wanted to fix his relationship with Andrew before it was too late. Luther tricked Andrew into the room Drake was in by telling him there was alcohol waiting for him. Drake hit Andrew on the back of the head with said bottle of alcohol and then proceeded to rape him. Neil and Aaron broke into the room minutes later and Aaron, upon seeing what was going on, swung at Drake with a heavy Exy racquet killing him on impact. Drake's face was covered in long scratches from Andrew's fingernails. Later we find out that Riko paid Drake to rape Andrew and promised to have the charges the Oakland PD was pressing against him removed in exchange.