The capital of the US state South Carolina. The cousins own a house here and lived there after the twin's mother's death. They attended high school here until graduation.

Sweetie's Edit

A restaurant that the cousins frequent. On Friday nights is usually packed. The restaurant sells a drug called "cracker dust" under the counter. To buy it, the customer has to place a packet of crackers from the salad bar on his table or give it to the waiter. It will then be delivered onto the table under the napkins.

The ice cream special is praised as delicious by Nicky.

Eden's Twilight Edit

The nightclub the cousins frequent. It has two stories and is located a couple of blocks from the main road. The clientèle is dressed extravagantly: the men mostly in leather, many women in corsets, and a lot of both genders wear buckles and chains. The club is popular and people wait in line on Fridays to get in.

The interior is divided into multiple areas: When entering the club, visitors come out on the dais. It wraps around the dance floor on the level below and has many tables as well as a bar. Stairs lead up to the second floor which is more of a balcony. The DJ has their own platform off the dance floor which is positioned halfway between the floors. The walls are lined with tall speakers.

The cousins know the staff and get special parking as well as privileged entry into the club. Their bartender is called Roland; he slips drugs in the drinks of outsiders they bring to the club.

Characters brought to Columbia Edit

Andrew uses Columbia as a way of knowing and testing who are threats to his "family". Bringing members to Columbia is almost a passage of whether Andrew decides he will take them aboard.

  • Dan Wilds
  • Matt Boyd
  • Neil Josten
  • Renee Walker

It is unclear if Kevin was brought to Columbia as a part of Andrew's way of testing, when Kevin joined the team, as Andrew and Kevin had met prior to them belonging to the same team.