The Foxes' psychiatrist. She is on good terms with Andrew. It is mandatory for the team to see her once a semester, but are free to visit her whenever they feel the need. This is included in the Foxes' tuition fees.

Appearance Edit

Betsy's hair is pale brown and reaches to her chin. She has "a few extra curves" and laugh lines on her face. She wears narrow-rimmed glasses.

Life Edit

Betsy went to school in Charleston.

Betsy used to work in the juvie system but transferred to Palmetto State. There she is responsible for suicide watch and extreme cases of mental illness.

General Edit

Betsy likes cocoa and drinks it during her sessions, regardless of outside temperature.

Abby invited her to dinner the first night Neil is in town, but she declined, stating that it would be awkward.

Betsy is obsessive-compulsive and arranges her office in exact order.

She allows her patients to call her whatever they want, from "Betsy" to "Doc" to "Hey You".

Betsy is friends with Wymack and calls him by his first name. She went to school with Abby and stayed in touch after graduation, which is how she met Wymack.

Perception Edit

Neil doesn't trust her because of her profession. He thinks that she is intelligent and because of this dangerous to him.

To Neil's bafflement, Andrew likes her.

The team generally likes Betsy and Nicky thinks she is amazing.