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Allison Reynolds is a dealer for the Palmetto State Foxes. She is a former heiress to the extremely wealthy Reynolds family. After she chose to play exy instead of continuing the family business, she was disowned and cut off from her family fortune. Her family became rich creating a chain of resorts, and their net worth is estimated in the billions.

Allison is always immaculately dressed and primped. She is known for her haughty attitude and her on again/off again relationship with Seth Gordon. She loves gossip, particularly involving relationships and social events.

She became estranged from her parents when she decided to play Exy and refused to quit at their insistence.

She was hospitalized for bulimia.

Appearance Edit

Allison takes great pride in her appearance, and is known to spend hours getting ready for the day. She has long platinum blonde hair, which she commonly keeps in curls. She is known to wear immaculately done makeup, and her wardrobe consists entirely of designer clothes and brands.

Relationship with Seth Edit

Seth and Allison never dated more than a few months at a time. They first hooked up after they went to an off-campus frat party. Allison got too drunk and Seth saved her from sexual assault. He carried her home to her roommates, and she was surprised to see he had a good side.

Her relationship with Seth is unstable. When they are together, everything is fine, but when they're not, the two of them try to aggravate and provoke each other. When the two are fighting, Allison hangs out with the other girls.

After Seth's death, Allison received his ashes. Eventually she has his urn built into the fountain at her house, and sometimes goes out to visit and talk to him - usually in a fit of anger.

Relationship with ReneeEdit

The two are shown throughout the series as close. After Allison gets attacked by Andrew, Renee tells him to "give her back to me".

They are also shown to choose each other for comfort rather than space on the team bus.

Perception Edit

Nicky says that Allison is a "catty bitch" that Neil should avoid at all costs.