Andrew's twin brother, often referred to as "the normal one". Aaron attends Palmetto State University and plays Exy as a backliner alongside Andrew.

Relationships Edit

Aaron is not particularly friendly with any of the other foxes, except his roomate and cousin Nicky. The two sometimes can be seen playing video games together. Aaron has a bad relationship with everyone else but Katelyn, his forbidden girlfriend and a cheerleader for the Vixens.

Like Andrew, Nicky, and Neil, Aaron speaks German, having picked it in high school. This skill helps the four communicate amongst each other without their team mates understanding what they're saying.

Ultimately, Aaron says he just wants to be left alone and not make any friends with the Foxes, but loves his brother and his cousin at heart.

He is majoring in science, like Katelyn, who he meets in class.

Life Edit

Aaron and Andrew were separated as infants, when their mother Tilda put Andrew into the foster system. Through coincidence and then the perseverance of Nicky's father, the two were reunited and lived with their mother until she died in a car accident, which was staged by Andrew because Tilda was abusing Aaron.

After Tilda's death, Nicky came back from Germany to live with them in Columbia, where they finished high school. When Andrew was offered a place on the Foxes' team, Aaron went with him, despite being spiteful that Andrew was behind her death.